It is a wedding, It is a union of mind and body, soul and spirit, a marriage between a Goddess and a God, Shiva and Shakti.

You are invited to the extraordinary experience of a Tantric Marriage to deeply connect with your beloved partner. Together entering a portal where the spiritual world and nature come to life on a platform in the middle of a magical cenote. This will be facilitated with a Mayan Shaman, an American Shaman and a Mexican Tantric Goddess..

This is a devotional connection, a commitment between two people, two hearts, two souls without the need for external recognition (civil, religious, family).

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It is a time to surrender and celebrate the Spirit of Love within oneself and
others, living in absolute privacy between 2 sacred souls.

The only witnesses are your guardian angels, the celestial guides, your souls, the invisible beings of the 7 elements invoked in our sacred space, Gods and Goddesses, the kundalini serpent and the guardians of the Mayan lands.

This celebration is the fusion of two cultures: the Mayan and the Tantric.

In tantric philosophy, we honor the masculine energy named Shiva and the feminine energy named Shakti. These are both within us all.

We recognize and nurture the union of our own internal marriage. Remembering that we are whole and complete. From that space, I recognize in my partner another complete being.

Representing the Mayan philosophy we will have a Mayan Shaman speaking his native language. Our Translator Can Speak Spanish, English and German. We honor the spiritual guides of each person and the guides of the sacred lands where the ceremony takes place THE MAYA RIVIERA.

The Tantric Marriage begins with the presentation of the bride and groom to the seven directions of the universe.

During our opening of the heart, we share a cacao ceremony, using ancient instruments such as flutes, drums, rattles, rain stick, bells, singing bowls and more.

For our ancestors, the wedding was one of the most important ceremonies in tribal settings, as it represented the creation of life itself. At this moment, two elemental forces merged to become one and initiate the birth of a new universe.

During this experience, we invoke the energies of the elements, angels, guardians and source to unite the couple in matter and spirit.

A Mayan Tantric Wedding is a unique spiritual ceremony that transcends religion and will be carried out by 3 main facilitators:

This is a once in a lifetime experience that will bond your souls for life.

Join us in paradise to nourish and strengthen your eternal spiritual bond with your Beloved Soul Mate.

This remarkable event includes

honramos a todos los espíritus, a los guías espirituales de cada persona
Mariposa Alcalde

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Alas RTA


Respira tu Amor


Mariposa is certified in Intimacy coush, Tantra Teacher, yoga Teacher and Breathwork Teacher.

Mariposa has been working with couples for more than 7 years making changes from the root to create more stable changes.