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I offer transformative experiences through Breathwork, Tantra and Yoga. These techniques can offer everyone powerful tools & techniques, which can help you release heavy emotions, stuck energy &/or physical pain that may have been stored in your body for years. You deserve to heal through pleasure.

Respira tu Amor

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Respira de tu Amor Breathwork

Mariposa 🦋 (Ana Cristina Alcalde Salas) was born in Chihuahua, México, where she grew up until she was 18 years old. She was born into a Yogi vegetarian family, a place where she was guided to spiritual development as the most important goal in life.

Since she was a child, she had the feeling that there was something else within her, something that desired to be expressed.

She went to New York, where she learned English and became a fashion designer. Beginning what, at that moment, she believed was her calling.

When she realized that she could follow her dreams anywhere, she left the city and started an adventure around the world. Her journey lasted 10 years, where she traveled across 14 different countries in 3 different continents.

In South America, she met the ancestral plants, confirming she is a spiritual being living a human experience.

In 2017, Mariposa obtained a 200 hour yoga certification, and this was the beginning of her becoming a teacher. This led her to discover Tantra and Breathwork studies in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

It was through Breathwork and Tantra that she discovered how to access DMT, or also known as  “the spirit molecule”, without using ancestral medicine.

And from that moment, she opened her wings and became free as a butterfly, receiving her spiritual name: Mariposa, Butterfly. She realized all the answers she sought are within. She sparks the remembrance that you are your own greatest teacher, shaman and the perfect marriage between your inner feminine and masculine energies.

Mariposa is the founder of RESPIRA TU AMOR BREATHWORK. She developed this breathwork method, which activates spiritual awakenings, releases past trauma and induces states of blissful euphoria. She now shares ceremonies and teacher training certifications globally integrating Breathwork, Tantric and Yogic philosophy.

Remember, you are your own inner medicine. YOU are the one YOU have been waiting for. Follow your Will.

Spread your wings and fly!!

My Certifications and Trainings

Respira de tu Amor Breathwork
Respira de tu Amor Breathwork