Respira tu Amor

“Respira tu Amor” (“Breathe your Love”) is a multidimensional approach to the expansion of the mind, body and spirit, using three ancient, powerful tools: breathwork, tantra, and yoga.

Respira tu Amor

“Respira tu Amor” is more than a brand — it is a lifestyle that changes lives.


Ancestral Plans? Who need ancestral plants when you have your breath, your own inner medicine. You can’t control many things in you life, but you can control is your breathing, taping into your biology.

Breathwork is various breathing practices in which the conscious control of breathing influence a person’s mental, emotional or physical state, with a claimed therapeutic effect.

Breathwork is the most powerful tool you will ever find for releasing stuck or stored emotions in your nervous system or body. It will also create confidence and self-love in a way you didn’t know was possible.

Become the alchemist of your own chemistry.


Tantra does not intend to escape to heaven, but instead to bring heaven to earth.

It is the unitary, non-dualistic vision, par excellence. And from that non-dualistic vision, where everything is the same, where God is everything, where God is above and below, Tantra does not reject or relegate sexuality. Sexuality is not in opposition to the spiritual world.

Quite the contrary, Tantra uses sexuality as the powerful sacred energy. Raising this energy can lead us to expand our consciousness, a direct path to connection to the spirit within us. We can consider Tantra as the path of union between sexuality and spirituality.

Tantra is a journey unifying our heart and mind. Our body and soul. Sexuality and spirituality. Tantra supports the release of guilt, shame, and fear that prevent us from fulfilling our purpose and experiencing maximum joy and tranquility in this life.

The word Tantra is derived from the Sanskrit root “tan” which means to increase, expand or stretch, and tantra means to weave, loom or weave together, therefore, it can be said that it means that we increase as we unite, that we expand as we integrate. Tantra is a path to embodied bliss. It is a path of yes.

Tantra is a practice that includes everything. It does not exclude anything.


The best way to transcend your mind is tapping into your body. Your body is an expansion of your emotions, mind and your spirit.

The more grounded you are in your physical body, the more you can fly and connect with deep states.

Your body contains universal intelligence, by closing your eyes and just moving you body, you can remember that universal intelligence.

By moving your body you can move stagnant and unprocessed emotions.

Respira tu Amor

Who is Mariposa?

Mariposa (Cristina Alcalde) was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, where she was raised until she was 18. She was born into a family of vegetarian yogis, where spiritual growth was and is held as the most important personal achievement.

In 2017, she got her first 200-hour yoga certification and became a teacher. This led her to discover the studies of tantra and breathwork in Ko Phangan, Thailand. It was through breathwork that she realized she could access DMT, “the spirit molecule,” without plants and no longer needed them. DMT is what connects all life with source.

During her first breathwork experience, she was visited by the spirit of Prana, who opened her wings and bestowed her with her spiritual name: Mariposa.

Realizing that all the answers lie within and nothing outside was necessary for transformation, she became free as a butterfly, or in Spanish, a mariposa.

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