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This is a personalized retreat just for
you and your beloved to fall in love
again in paradise.


Imagine taking a trip to paradise in Mexico's Riviera Maya with
your partner, discovering a new deeper connection growing as an individual and taking
your relationship to a more passionate and soulful connection.

All the problems you see in your relationship are projections of your inner world. In this retreat we transform behaviors FROM THE ROOT.

Come and heal all parts of yourself from the darkest recesses to the lightest points of joy, pleasure, and equilibrium.

Be nurtured by our renowned facilitators, who are all trained to serve you and your individual needs and as a couple. This will be an experience for you to dive deep into an all-inclusive retreat designed perfectly for YOU TWO! Ultimately, this is your opportunity to transcend on your healing journey, with one-on-one service and support.

That is our retreat, designed to ignite the flames of passion, love, and connection between you, while also grounding you in your sovereignty, power and individual identity.

Alas RTA


Many of us carry unconscious beliefs that no longer serve us and that will be reflected in our relationship.

Come receive the tools to evolve, nourish &/or rekindle your relationship & sex life now to keep it thriving for years to come. Discover & understand your deeper needs, and your partners, while overcoming the obstacles in the way of rekindling your passion and desire for one another. The goal of this experience is to return home, connected more deeply to each other with your mind, body, heart and soul.

Each retreat is tailored to your unique personal needs, bringing a group of collaborators to assist you on your journey. There will be healing therapies, workshops, ceremonies, Tantra rituals, meeting the community, free time to Integrate your New Found Self.

We can add in your retreat as well as options for: tours around the magical beaches of the Mexican Caribbean, cenotes (iconic fresh water cave pools), swimming with sea turtles, experience Ancestral Medicine Ceremonies &/or have a Tantric Maya Wedding Ceremony with a professional photo shoot.


RIVIERA MAYA OF MEXICO (The closest airport is Cancun)
The Mayan Riviera region of Mexico is a popular tourist destination. People from all over the world come to visit the tropical beaches and soak up the area’s amazing and colorful culture.



Respira tu Amor


Mariposa is Certified as an Intimacy Coach, Tantra Teacher, Yoga Instructor and Breathwork Facilitator.

Mariposa has been working with couples for 7 years making changes from the root through the blossoms to create more stable, healthy and vital relationships.

You are invited to join us in a 1-1 Discovery Call to clarify if we are a good fit for each other.
From there, we will customize your program just for you and your partner’s needs and desires in
preparation for embarking on this magical journey together .

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