Respira Tu Amor

Healing through Pleasure

Ama tu Sombra

The paradigm of healing through pain, are ancient beliefs, is of the old Age, if our ancestors practiced fasting, be in the dark in caves, made sacrifices, ancestral plants where the body entered strong processes etc.

In the new age we are to heal by pleasure, pleasure by life, pleasure by food, pleasure by dancing, sexual pleasure, using our senses, using sound, celebrating this earthly world, and knowing that all You are sacred: your body, all of your emotions , your darkness, your confusion.

Breathe in this moment celebrating your existence.


Mariposa (Ana Cristina Alcalde)

Mariposa (Ana Cristina Alcalde)

Founder of RESPIRA TU AMOR, a lifestyle where we change lives from the Root using Tantra, Breathwork and yoga.