Respira tu Amor Breathwork

“Respira tu Amor” Breathwork Journey

What if forgiveness meant you could consciously create anything you desired? What if happiness were a choice we could make, and that choice was enough to clear our energetic spaces of everyone else’s “stuff”? Are you ready for that responsibility? Are you ready to love yourself?
Ready to go deeper for a more personal experience?

Respira tu Amor Breathwork

Return to Your Essence

Breathing your love (“Respira tu Amor”) you will remind you to feel your essence, remembering that you are a multidimensional being.

Respira tu amor Breathwork is the combination of different modalities, SOMA Breath, Wim Hof Method, tantra (sublimation/transmutation of sexual energy for spiritual purposes), and shamanism.

Connect with the subconscious mind and awaken your inner wisdom. During breathwork, it’s possible to make quantum leaps, activating DMT (the spirit molecule), remembering you are a god and a goddess.

In this ceremony, you’ll enter a state of self-hypnosis where you can talk to your subconscious and focus on these issues:

Heal, forgive and reconnect with your inner child

  • By connecting with our inner child, we gain access to new information about our unhealed wounds, and the needs that may not have been met when we were physically children.
  • “Re-parenting” then becomes the process of meeting those needs and practicing self-care so we can operate in the world as happy, functional adults.

Cut ancestral cords of your familial genes

  • Ancestral cords connect us to both our maternal and paternal ancestors stretching back generations and generations.
  • Contained within the ancestral cords is information and energy concerning our ancestors’ experience, wisdom, knowledge and also their trauma and illnesses.
  • One could view ancestral cords as being energetic DNA — they are the energies that brought us into our current physical form.

Heal your masculine and feminines figure

“If the human being is to reach full maturity, both the masculine and the feminine sides of the personality must be brought up into consciousness.” –Mary Esther Harding

All of us have feminine and masculine qualities. When those energies are balanced within us, we feel integrated and able to manifest what we want in life fluidly and effortlessly. However, most of us have some wounding around the masculine and/or feminine that can make it difficult for us to access that sense of flow and integration.

These wounds often have compounding factors such as:

  • our relationship with each of our parents (or guardians);
  • our parents’ relationship to each other (or lack thereof);
  • You are invited to see yourself as a sacred vessel and to use breath to ground deeper into the eternal aspect of your being.
  • messages we received about masculinity and femininity from society, religious teachings and/or our peers;
  • any wounding from our early sexual encounters;
  • any other trauma/abuse we have experienced.

Your sexuality and tantric healing

Sexuality is a vital part of our lives; it is our sacred energy and the source of our creative life-force.

We desire to be determined with our needs and embrace all our emotions to connect with our divine nature and realize our integrity.

We will release old blocks and negative programming. We will learn how to reconnect with the energetic flow of this powerful and sacred force and elevate sexuality to a spiritual experience.

Tantric Breathwork by Mariposa, Respira tu Amor
Tantric Breathwork, Respira tu Amor
Tantric Breathwork by Mariposa, Respira tu Amor
Tantric Breathwork by Mariposa, Respira tu Amor

Respira tu Amor Breathwork

Preparing for Your Respira tu Amor Breathwork Journey

Your inner medicine, your breath, will be your guide. Mariposa (Ana Cristina Alcalde) is certify in SOMA Breath, a breathwork technique inspired in Wim Hof (The Ice Man).

What will happen in this 2-hour workshop?

It is a safe and healthy way to release trapped emotions, patterns and imprints that don’t serve you and transform sexual energy into spiritual energy to allow for healing and awakening.

Your body will be flooded with life-force energy during this deep breathing practice. It can result in releases of pain, shame, guilt and numbness, as well as ecstatic feelings of laughter, pleasure, joy, surrender and love.

You could feel triggered, orgasmic, or anything in-between or beyond. Everything is welcome.

We provide safe spaces for expansion and communion with the divine, going to an inner journey.

  • Opening: short grounding meditation—bringing an intention.
  • A short introduction to the practice and technique
  • The tantric breathwork journey
  • Closing circle and sharing

What you need to do to prepare in advance:

This breathwork can also initiate powerful physical healing within the body, releasing stem cells while utilizing oxygen more efficiently. The breath is medicine, and you are the alchemist of your own chemistry.

It is an individual healing practice but the journey is a shared one and we will bring in tribal dynamics and group connection to feel as safe and held as possible.

Every direction within the ceremony is an invitation, not a requirement. We joyfully celebrate you listening to exactly what your body is yearning for throughout the entire process.

Forget about your identity, close your eyes and breath on rhythms with the help of shamanic instruments.

  • Wear comfy warm clothing and layers
  • Don’t have a large meal before coming
  • Drink lots of water the day of the workshop
  • If you have headphones to use during the class, you’ll have a better experience for hearing my voice and the music

Respira tu Amor Breathwork

Meet Your Facilitator, Mariposa

In 2017, Mariposa got her first 200-hour yoga certification and became a teacher. This led her to discover the studies of tantra and breathwork in Ko Phangan, Thailand. It was through breathwork that she realized she could access DMT, “the spirit molecule,” without plants and no longer needed them.

During her first breathwork experience, she was visited by the spirit of Prana, who opened her wings and bestowed her with her spiritual name: Mariposa. This was a true breakthrough and now she desires to bring these practices and this knowledge to the world.

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