Imagine going on a trip with your partner, diving into a new re-discovered connection, and emerging a new empowered individual and couple.

More Than Just Sex: Tantra Spirituality
Our stay in Natya Resort Ubud (Bali, Indonesia) ~ YVETTHEWORLD
Our stay in Natya Resort Ubud (Bali, Indonesia) ~ YVETTHEWORLD2

Our main facilitator from Mexico will create a custom program just for you and your partner. We have just a few windows open—book yours now!

Ignite the flames of passion, love, and connection between you and your partner, while also grounding you in your sovereign power and individual identity.


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Experience a custom couples retreat crafted just for the two of you.

Select from six stunning, uniquely designed villas—each offering an exceptional and picturesque setting.

Our tailored program is uniquely designed to align with your current journey and aspirations, ensuring a transformational and intimate experience.


Ubud, a renowned destination in Bali, welcomes travelers globally with its enchanting charm.

Nestled in a serene jungle away from the urban hustle, our luxury resort, enjoys international cuisine, breathtaking jungle views and amazing add on services to enhance your romantic experience including: marriage proposal, wedding service and honey moon flower pools.

Enjoy the exclusivity of your private retreat with your own pool, in addition to a beautiful community pool.

Come experience tranquility and luxury in perfect harmony.

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