Mariposa Alcalde

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Who is the Main Facilitator?

Respira tu Amor


Founder of RESPIRA TU AMOR, a lifestyle where she change lives from the Root using Tantra, Breathwork and yoga.

With more than 15 years of experience.

¡Hi, I am Mariposa! Creator of "Respira tu Amor"

I offer healing through breathwork, through techniques I can offer everyone a powerful tool, which will help you release emotions stuck or stored for so many years in your nervous system or body.

Respira tu Amor

my story

Respira de tu Amor Breathwork

Mariposa 🦋 (Ana Cristina Alcalde Salas) was born in the State of Chihuahua, Mexico, where he was raised until the young age of 18. He was born into a family of Vegetarian Yogis, where it was always very clear that spiritual growth is considered the most important achievement to achieve.

“From a very young age I always had the feeling that there was something else inside me, something pushing me to want to leave”

She went to New York City where she learned English and became an independent designer. Starting what she believed at the time would be her “life”.

Realizing that she could realize her dreams anywhere, she left the city to start her dream of traveling and exploring the world around her. His journey lasted 10 years where he could know more than 14 countries.

It was in South America where he met the ancestral plants, thus confirming that he was a super-spiritual being living a human experience.

In 2017, Mariposa received her first 200-hour yoga qualification and became a teacher; this led her to discover the studies of tantra and breathwork in Ko Phangan, Thailand.

It was through Breathwork and Tantra that he realized that he could have access to DMT or also known as the “spirit molecule”, without having to access ancestral plants.

From then on and from that precise moment, he opened his wings and became free as a mariposa🦋, accepting that as his spiritual name “Mariposa“.

Since he realized that absolutely all the answers are within oneself and, nothing outside, it was thus from the moment he became free as a mariposa 🦋.

“The universe is within each of us, and only he who dares to know himself can admire it”

With the discovery of a better life, she realized that she herself could be her own medicine, shaman and her perfect marriage, with her visionary look of wanting to help us find her way, was born what today we know as “Respira tu Amor“.

Mariposa created her own breathwork method called “Respira tu Amor Breathwork“, a method which currently shares ceremonies and certificates throughout the world along with Tantric philosophy.

My Certifications and Trainings