Respira tu AMor One-on-One Retreat

A Personalized and Intensive, One-on-One Retreat with Mariposa

A “Respira tu Amor” one-on-one retreat with Mariposa is designed to help you release all that has been holding you back and create a new sense of being anchored in truth, love, creativity, joy and power.

It’s a great honour for me  to guide you on this journey of deep inner work and transformation.

I hold a sacred place for all parts of you to be seen and integrated, from the most vulnerable and wounded to the most joyful and alive parts.

You are much more than what you experience in your daily life and we guide you into this journey of self-discovery to align your body, mind, heart and soul with the true essence of your being.


Many of us carry unconscious beliefs that no longer serve us and that influence our view about our self and the world around. You will be able to identify and release them so that you can manifest the life you truly want.

You will relax and enjoy the beauty of Playa Del Carmen , the treasure of Mexico , the beautiful Caribbean  beaches, sunsets, jungle, delicious healthy food, Maya Culture, and local amazing Mexican people.

Each retreat is tailored to what you need at a specific time through healing therapies, workshops, meeting the community, and free time.

Respira tu Amor One-on-One Retreat

Choose an Intention

or, create your own intention.

 Relaxation & Rejuvenation

Healing Trauma

Personal Development & Empowerment




Returning to Trust, Stability, and Ease

Energy Healing


Honoring Self

Balancing the Feminine / Masculine

Water Rebirth

A Life of Abundance

Emotional Freedom

Healthy Living

Spiritual Awakening Ease

Embracing the Shadow Self


​Sacred Union

​Life / Mental Crisis Transformation

Invoking the Goddess and God Within

Choose Your Length of Stay

5 Days

3 complete days + 2 half day
(arriving and leaving)

7 Days

5 complete days + 2 half day
(arriving and leaving)

Choose Your Treatment, Therapies, and Workshops




Tantra Rituals.

Guidance / Counseling Conscious Talking Sessions

¨Respira tu amor¨ Breathwork Ceremony 

Professional Traditional Maya Massage

Divine Liberation Ritual (Release the past to Receive Ecstasy)

Sound healing with Quartz bowls.

Tantra Therapies.

Beach Excursion.

Conscious Community events.

Salsa Group Classes.

Snorquel in the magical caribbean ocean.

*Just for woman*

Sensual dance workshop awakens the goddess within.

Respira tu Amor One-on-One Retreat

You’ll Enjoy Healthy & Deliciously Cooked, Mexican Vegetarian Meals

Respira tu Amor One-on-One Retreat

Choose a Package


Respira tu Amor — Breathwork, Tantra & Movement


Respira tu Amor — Breathwork, Tantra & Movement


Respira tu Amor — Breathwork, Tantra & Movement

Respira tu Amor One-on-One Retreat

The Magical Place You Will be Staying, Portal Xibalba

SacBa, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Mexico

The architecture of the buildings is a faithful copy of nature. We capture the anatomical forms of the being, the auric proportions. We build with local materials. Precious woods cured and gifted by the jungle itself, without cutting it down or devastating it.

The energy is based on solar panels.

This place offers you an opportunity to exalt your senses, to harmonize your body and awaken your spirit.

Our place is a space where you will find peace and tranquility. The jungle is a magical place to reconnect with nature and forget about the noise of everyday life.


Beautiful organic space, ideal for resting and connecting with nature. It has a private bathroom and light from solar panels.

This is a unique house in the middle of the Mayan jungle, built with local materials and respecting nature. It is surrounded by trees, trails and cenotes. It is a magical place to spend days in total contact with nature, to return to the origin and rediscover the beauty and magic of the jungle.


Wonderful experience of sleeping in the jungle in structures created with sacred geometry. It has light from solar panels and mosquito nets.

Our property has a total of 3 cenotes, 2 of them private and a cenote lagoon where you can relax, explore and merge with the water, one of the most sacred elements that exist.


Respira tu Amor One-on-One Retreat

What is a Cenote?

A Cenote refers to an underground chamber or cave which contains permanent water. In other words, it is a natural sinkhole where the ceiling of the cave has collapsed.

The cenotes were not only the main water supply for the Mayan people, they are also a sacred place that they believe act as a portal to the underworld, which is called XIBALBA.  Because of this, the Mayan people often used the cenotes to make sacrifices and perform rituals.

These days they do still perform secret ceremonies in the cenotes, just not the sacrifices!

Respira tu Amor One-on-One Retreat

Portal Xibalba, Where the Workshops and Classes will Take Place

Respira tu Amor One-on-One Retreat

Add an Ancestral Medicine to Your Experience

This is optional and no additional cost. 

Bufo Alvarius

Bufo Alvarius

Also called the God molecule, this substance is only found in one of the 463 varieties of toad that exist in the world. The Bufo Alvarius is extracted from its parotid glands, the shamans smoke it crystallized during rituals and ancestral ceremonies for purposes curative and for its hallucinogenic qualities.

The glands of the Bufo Alvarius Toad produce a latex called Bufotein. It should be noted that the toad does not receive any damage. That latex is extracted from their glands and dried. The “medicine” is inhaled in a sacred ceremony. Once inside, the body transforms it from “o-methyl-bufoteine” into 5meO-DMT. Making it easily absorbable and capable of crossing the blood barrier of the brain, reaching the brain instantly.

This very special molecule is activated in specific states such as birth, death and sleep. It breaks the chemical filters that the human mind uses to prevent a continuous state of perception, awakening and full awareness. These filters are necessary for our day to day, since they help us to function in this three-dimensional reality, limited by space and time.



The temazcal is a steam bath that has been used extensively in Mesoamerica for millennia, for therapeutic, hygienic and ritual purposes. The word “temazcal“ comes from the Nahuatl temazcalli and means “steam house” (temaz – steam, calli – house). Heat, steam and sweat bring about a body purification well known to ancient cultures.

In the tradition of the temazcal, this purification is not limited to the body but also encompasses the spiritual. The symbolism of the temazcal structure and oral tradition reflect the connection between body, spirit, and nature.

In itself, the temazcal represents the land that gives us life and sustains us. When one enters the temazcal, it is said that one is entering the womb of Mother Earth and that is why the temazcal has the shape of a dome.

Due to its curative characteristics, it is an effective method to stimulate all internal organs, cleaning our body, sweating large amounts of toxins accumulated by medications or by our own diet, since we currently face many problems of contamination


Cacao Ceremony

Cacao ceremonies have actually been around for thousands of years, originating all the way back to Mayan and Aztec traditions in Central and South America, used for spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes for inner awakening and creative guidance. Pure cacao is used as a heart opening medicine for people to safely experience awakening, revelation and inner healing.

Cacao is used in a sacred medicinal ritual, where intentions are set and once consumed, euphoric states are unlocked, negative emotions are released and we are able to connect to ourselves and the loving energy in our body.



Mambe is a powder obtained from roasting, grinding and sifting the Amazonian coca leaves, generally mixing them with cecropia or yarumo ashes. it is combined with a tobacco paste called ambil and with this combination in their mouth (they chew it until it disappears), the indigenous people gather around the fire in a circle of words to talk and make decisions about their community.

The natives attribute special properties and infinite wisdom to it, since they consider the coca leaf as an ancient grandmother who has accompanied them since the beginning of time, giving strength and clarity to their thoughts.

In addition to containing all the medicinal properties of the coca leaf, a sacred plant.

For the indigenous peoples of South America, coca is a mother, a sacred plant that nourishes and gives life, a medicine that heals body and spirit, and in this way we must also treat it. Because when it is used for other purposes, when the use of medicinal plants is decontextualized, then they lose all their benefits and can be harmful.



Rapé is a sacred medicine, which honors the relationship between tribal men with the tobacco grandfather.

It is prepared using various combinations of tobacco, medicinal plants, jungle tree bark and / or tree ashes. After successive grinding and sieving, a subtle and fine powder is obtained.

The Rapé is blown with a bamboo, in each nostril. Upon receiving the medicine, the Rapé rises, cleaning, ordering and aligning our energy field. It clarifies our perception, clears the mind and helps us connect with the energy of the Universe.

The presence of Grandfather Tobacco in the medicine circle helps us to travel, and makes it easier for us to learn about plants. With love, he gives us healing, shows us paths and leads us to connect with our inner strength. Communicate our intentions to the Great Spirit and in community, it strengthens us as a family, synchronizing us with the energy of Mother Nature

Mariposa (Cristina Alcalde)

Meet Your Facilitator

In 2017, Mariposa got her first 200-hour yoga certification and became a teacher. This led her to discover the studies of tantra and breathwork in Ko Phangan, Thailand. It was through breathwork that she realized she could access DMT, “the spirit molecule,” without plants and no longer needed them.

During her first breathwork experience, she was visited by the spirit of Prana, who opened her wings and bestowed her with her spiritual name: Mariposa.

This was a true breakthrough and now she desires to bring these practices and this knowledge to the world.

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Playa del Carmen, MX

Respira tu Amor One-on-One Retreat

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