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YOU ARE THE ALCHEMIST OF YOUR OWN CHEMISTRY- FREE Pranayamas that you can do every day, depending on what your intention is.


Pranayama means breath control is Sanskrit. Prana= Breathwork, Yama=Control

Pranayama refers to breathwork exercises which clear the physical and emotional obstacles in our body to free the breath and so the flow of prana - life energy. Regular and sustained practice of Pranayama can supercharge your whole body!

The way that we move, think, act and especially breathe contributes to the flow and vitality of prana – the universal energy that runs through us and everything around us.


It’s the first thing and last thing we do in our lives. The one constant thing we all have. Without breath there is no life!

Daily stressors, tensions and physical habits can create physical and energetic obstacles in our bodies. Without even noticing it our breathwork can become gradually more shallow or stilted. We can develop unconscious breathing patterns restricting the flow of breathwork and prana.

When we work on freeing the breath through pranayama (breathing exercises) we are also working on letting the life energy flow through the body. It has the effect of energizing, relaxing and healing the body, letting everything fall into place. It literally increases and balances the life energy in your system.


Again, through a regular and sustained practice of pranayama, you can boost your whole body!

On a physical level by using pranayama techniques we can utilize and strengthen the whole range of our respiratory organs. We explore the lower, middle and upper parts of the breath and regulate the inhalation, retention and exhalation of the Breathwork.

A regular pranayama practice can stimulate the parasympathetic system, countering the overstimulation our bodies go through during the Fight or Flight response.

Our Breathwork patterns are also very closely linked to our emotional states. We will breathe in a different way when we are angry, when we are excited, tired or when we are nervous. However, it works the other way too. We can calm or energize ourselves by changing our Breathwork patterns. Even just taking time out to consciously become more aware of our breath can help us to start to alter our emotional states.

Mariposa (Ana Cristina Alcalde)

Mariposa (Ana Cristina Alcalde)

Founder of RESPIRA TU AMOR, a lifestyle where we change lives from the Root using Tantra, Breathwork and yoga.

Introduction Pranayama

Power of Your Breathwork
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Breathing exercises that clean the physical and emotional obstacles of our body.


Savitri Breath
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