About Mariposa, Respira tu Amor

🦋 Who is Mariposa?

Mariposa (Ana Cristina Alcalde) is the founder of "Respira tu Amor," a certified "SOMA Breath" breathwork instructor, yoga instructor and tantra facilitator.

About Mariposa, “Respira tu Amor”

Mariposa’s Story

Mariposa’s yoga practice began from the age of ten, when her Mama would take her to the classes she was teaching. When Mariposa was 18, she decided to leave home, to leave her comfort zone.

She knew there was something else inside her, beyond what she had been told and trained to be. She went to New York City, learned English and became an independent designer.

Realizing that she could make her dreams come true anywhere, she left the city to explore the world, especially South America and Asia Throughout her travels, she found herself as a mirror, reflecting the various cultures she would encounter. She began to communicate with ancestral plants and medicines that brought her back to her pure, source energy.

In 2017, she received her first 200-hour yoga certification and became a teacher. This led her to discover the studies of tantra and Breathwork in Ko Phangan, Thailand.

In 2022, Mariposa received certification in CBC (Contact Beyond Contact) level 1,2 because of her expansion and the liberation of butterfly made her use her physical body to enter states of expansion consciousness because what we do in the dance floor in microcosm level we do it in our life in a macrocosm level.

Mariposa (Christina Alcalde), Respira tu Amor
Mariposa, Respira tu Amor, Tantric Breathwork
It was through Breathwork that she realized she could access DMT, “the spirit molecule,” without plants and no longer needed them. DMT is what connects all life with source.

During her first Breathwork experience, she was visited by the spirit of Prana, who opened her wings and bestowed her with her spiritual name: Mariposa. Realizing that all the answers lie within and nothing outside was necessary for transformation, she became free as a butterfly, or in Spanish, a mariposa. This was a true breakthrough and now she desires to bring these practices and this knowledge to the world.

The blending of Breathwork, Tantra and movment is what birthed “Respira tu Amor,” meaning “breathe you’re love within.”

Mariposa (Christina Alcalde), Respira tu Amor

Mariposa’s Certifications

Respira tu Amor — Breathwork, Tantra & Movement
Certified in Breathwork
Respira tu Amor — Breathwork, Tantra & Movement
Certified in Yoga
Certificate in Tantra
Certified in Tantra
Certificate (Contact Beyond Contact)
Certified in Contact Beyond Contact, Level 1
Certificate, Contact Beyond Contact, Level 2
Certified in Contact Beyond Contact, Level 2

Respira tu Amor Testimonials

What Others Have to Say About Their Experience

I recently attended a transformational breathwork ceremony led and facilitated by Mariposa . She created a very safe container for everyone to feel whatever emotion was coming up and to release what no longer serves. We began with intention setting, eye gaze, breath, and connection with others in the group, and then turned inwards toward our breath work journey. Her use of shamanic drumming intensified the experience and healing process. I left feeling positive vibrations, clarity and unconditional love. Highly recommended!
Leandra Wortham


Mariposa has such a powerful energy and truly guides you through a transformational ceremony each time she guides a breathwork session. She’s inclusive of everyone, builds community, sets your expectations, makes you feel safe, and of course is the space for allowing her students to have major breakthroughs in mind, body and spirit.
Samantha Parvin

Playa del Carmen, MX

“Breathwork ceremony was outstanding; weaving shamanic drumming into breathwork with the engagement of sexual energy. It was absolutely divine ❤️ She brings in great use of intention, sacred sounds and creates a spectacular experience for the unravelling of the self. I was absolutely delighted to dive into the ceremony with her holding space so powerfully, with elegance and love. I admire this creatrix for birthing this beautiful ceremony. Not to be missed!”
Naomi Peira


Cristina (Mariposa) 🦋changed my life since the moment I first met her, she did show me the path, I’m exited to explore about, learn more and pass to others. I’ve been to many Cristina’s ceremonies and it’s always unique, magical, introspective and outstanding experience: the breathwork method combined with sacred/shamanic music and powerful intentions ✨🙏

Mariposa has a strong energy and a gift to guide you through the exceptional transformational journey, which triggers a metaphysical healing process in you while holding the safe space for you. I definitely recommend to attend this ceremony and have your own experience! 💖

Jirka Vetesnik

Playa del Carmen, MX

Mariposa, Respira tu Amor, Tantric Breathwork

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